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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boudoir Photography at any age! Happy 88th Birthday Grandma!

 Happy 88th Birthday to my Grandma Doris!

She has always supported my dreams and encouraged me to do what I love. She taught me what real hard work is and if you want it bad enough go get it! Always positive and a no nonsense woman all 4'10 of her!  She is an amazing woman that has seen and accomplished so much in her 88 years.  About 4 years ago she let me in on a little secret. She has beautiful pinup style pictures of herself from the 1940's and 1950's!! I of course loved all of the images and wanted to take them home to frame in the studio right away!! lol

 Looking at these timeless beautiful pictures of her and just seeing her admiring them really opened my eyes to the long term benefit to what I do for my clients. It showed me that these images are forever and that as we age this will be for us and our granddaughters. Can you imagine in your 80's looking back at your images ? I bet you will be very happy that you had them done and you wont be saying oh geez I wish I had lost those 10lbs.

My Grandma has allowed me to share a few of her images that you can view on my website or if you are coming in for your session you can see them in the studio as well. My Grandma's pictures have  touch my clients as well when they see them and I tell her that she has become Boudoir Betty's mascot!
She will be a huge hit at Boudoir Betty's open house in the springtime. I have past clients that are coming just to see her! How awesome is that!

My Grandma told me  " You should have pictures done in your 50's, 60's 70's and 80''s!!"
So guess who is getting her session done here at Boudoir Betty's? Yup my feisty forever young Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Grandma!



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