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Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Great Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photo Shoot

Just for you
Boudoir Photography is a unique, wonderful gift that every woman must give to herself. This a way to hold your beauty in time!!  Boudoir Betty's sets a high standards when it comes to giving you a top-notch experience from the moment you walk in the door.  You can drink some wine and relax while getting your hair and makeup done. It is my goal that you have an experience that will stay with you always. No matter where you are in life  in your 20's,30's, 40's 50's 60's  or 70's This is a beautiful gift to keep for yourself and if you give it to someone special I can guarantee he will love this gift!!

Pamper yourself
Despite everything, we find it hard to set aside time for ourselves. Balancing a career, family and getting lost in the chaos of everyday is something that happens to all of us. We all deserve a day to feel like a supermodel. My grandma who is 87 has beautiful boudoir style and pinup images of herself from the 1950's. She cherishes them and has them up in her room!  This is your time you should give to yourself. Relax and have a great time knowing you will have these images for years to come.
Feel good about yourself
I have many clients who have recently lost weight or had a baby.  Having a session done is  such a ego boost and helps to remind you how hot you are no matter your age or size!! Now every time you look back through your boudoir photographs, you can remind yourself exactly how wrong you are with your presumptions about your appearance and beauty and how different and gorgeous you really are. I recently had a client thank me for her session last month. She has been dealing with depression and having herself photographed and seeing the images made her feel alive. That made me feel amazing to know that boudoir photography is that powerful.  We all have insecurities. I have them everyday with my extra baby weight. I decided to have my own images done and even with the baby weight they turned out amazing!!  My husband just about fell over so Im happy I did it then and not waited till I lost all the baby weight.
Gift for someone special
This will for sure get his attention and knock his socks off! I love that boudoir is a fun and pampering experience for the ladies and then guys get a huge benefit from all this work she has put into getting her session done. He will have beautiful tasteful sexy images of the one he loves.  This is a gift that only you can give him. A custom made gift by you and one of a kind that will make his heart race! I always recommend that when you do give him the images wrap them or wear the outfit you had on in the images. 
Capture your Beauty
Your session is about YOU! Celebrating where you are right now in your life. You may be a new mom or just turned 50! This is your time to celebrate you and give yourself an experience that you will never forget. This will change your perspective on how you look at yourself . Embrace your Beauty and who you are!! Schedule your session today!!

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